Setting Sun

 Setting Sun

 I was on my evening walk
 I stopped right in my tracks
 Two geese ahead were making it clear
 They did not want me to bring any more fear
 Into the night of the setting sun
 The rising moon
 Their time for flight was much too soon
 They would rather sit here in the silence

 The silence was a welcoming embrace to me
 I suddenly noticed the birds, the trees
 Were waiting to see how long I would stay
 I hear a starkness, far away
 A motored sound that did not belong
 I looked and all the birds had a silent song
 That sang of this wondrous interruption

 At first I thought we humans had corrupted
 Nature with our raucous machines, our slanders
 Our constant and meaningless turns and meanders
 But then the geese reminded me 
 That we too are a part of great nature
 Though maybe dark and immature
 We still carry greatness within

 So on a whim
 I stood there until the sky was darkened
 The moon touched with crescent light
 The geese just standing there knowing
 There now is one more creature of the night
 Who stands closer to the sunrise

 2/16/21 kdc 

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