Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis

When strength



Have all passed away

There is only the breathing left

The walking

Slowly, gingerly


When everything the world tells you

Of what a man is,

Is gone

Then what is left?

What is left?

And if I listen to that world

The one that tells me what I am and who I am

Without regard to the spirit within me

Then I am doomed to perdition

To anger

To shame

I hate that land

I will not walk upon it

Who knows who I am besides the one within me?
Who else tells me who I am besides the one, true voice?
There is my choice

To dwell in peaceful acceptance that though my shell be just a shell

My being is grand and eternal light

This, my friends, is how we walk through the night

This is how we thrive 

In the crisis

4/9/23 kdc

Happy Easter

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