Infinite crystalline peacock feathers 

Dancing across the bottom of the water

Traversing along the depths

Where light, refracted

Flowing through ubiquitous prism

Teaches the universe’s ancient lesson

What looks like black, 

What looks like white 

Might just be a rainbow 

Bursting with promise

Neither wrong, neither right

Just simply is

Just simply beautiful 

An existence far beyond our comprehension 

Light years from our apprehension 

Yet closer than the oxygen atoms

Spinning amongst the waves

These are the elements of true life

10/22/21 kdc


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  1. A gorgeous piece and photograph with a sense of joy and appreciation of what’s all around us. As you’ve expressed it, so near and so far away. I think it’s a blessing that we can contemplate these mysteries. Thank you for sharing. 🙏

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