Face to face is the way I thought

The way I thought it was supposed to be

But here I am in the dark

Right in the middle of the day

And it really doesn’t feel so bad

Just terrifying

To be floating around in the emptiness of space

Trying to enjoy the ride

I’ve felt the deep

I’ve sensed the wide

Well outside 

The straight and narrow

I’ve forgotten my soul

I’ve lost my marrow

Yet here I am

In the here and now

I’ve yearned to be known

To feel significance blasting through my being

Taking me to heights unknown 

But that isn’t where the seeds are sown

They are placed deep into the ground

Where they die






The earth doesn’t even hold its breath

Looking for a sign

But the one that planted does

She waits, expectant

So here I lie

Feeling the shudders of the DNA within me

4/30/22 kdc


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