Sometimes God speaks through the shadows 

I said hello to the butterfly 

But she went on her meandering way

I said hello to the brown squirrel 

He startled and scurried away 

I said hello to the robin

She turned and away off she flew

I sat on the bench by the cedar

Where all is always, and never, anew

I looked on the ground at the shadows

Of the cedar and a pruned living tree

All of a sudden a portrait was formed

Which poured out a picture of me

The pruned tree looked so barren and hopeless 

By the majestic and billowing one

The pruned one looked so lonely, so ever close 

To the life which it thought it had won

“Everything fruitful is faithfully pruned”

Were the words that rang true in my heart

I stood for a moment while the shadows became

A masterpiece of life breathing art

Sometimes God speaks in the shadows 

Sometimes God speaks through the tree

Sometimes God prunes off the beauty you love

So that true beauty can more bountifully be

I do so love sitting here by the cedar

As his branches guard my head from the sun

As the breezes blow gently around me

I simply wait for the rest to be done

3/28/21 kdc


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