Newton’s First

Newton’s First

I’m sitting in the pool today

Glorious sunshine and breeze

Surrounded by the perfect waters

Watching the projections of the light through the waves

Traveling along the bottom of the blues

I would move my hands

The circles of light would go on and on and on

For once in my life I saw I was making a difference 

A Wave

A Light

That moved on with the slightest of ease

They say that objects in motion stay in motion

Until acted upon by an outside force

This is absolutely true in this physical world

What about the metaphysical one?

And maybe both worlds are just one and the same?
Maybe the mention, just the thought of my name

Sends wavelengths throughout the universe

Maybe 10 billion years from now, those waves will hit a distant star

Move a hydrogen atom 10 billionths of an Angstrom

And somewhere, somehow some intelligent being will say,

“What was that?”

Like Vader said, “I feel a disturbance in the force.”
And somewhere love will reply,

“That’s just Duane, you know how he is

Always thinking, always dreaming, he tried

He tried to touch the edges of the universe

And realized it was already his

Resting there within his night

He slept and rested his clenched up fists

And that simply cannot go without making a difference

So here he is

A wave of pure light….”

We are still in motion

What a beautiful sight

Is our outreaching light….

5/20/23 kdc 


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