Live Oak

 Valley Oak

I used to dislike you

Your disfigured form

Your gnarled hands

Your thorned leaves

I thought you belonged in a horror film

The perfect backdrop for darkness and grim

I’ve spent a decade with you

Now I see

You are amongst the strongest of trees

You stand amongst the wildfires

The drought

You never give up

You never give out

You simply stand your ground

Choosing to live

And live well

Each tree does have a story to tell

That brings me to my knees

Each tree does have a bell to knell

You can hear it in the breeze

I walked amongst a grove of you

Just the other day

I felt the strength you have to show

Beauty in full on display

I no longer judge what I do not know

I no longer speak ill, nor say

Those things of which I do not know

I simply close my mouth and stay

Right in the midst of the living

1/9/21, kdc


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  1. A pleasure to read you work again in the new year. It is something I have come across as well, a kind of grandeur, and you have expressed it beautifully. In my backyard, there is a coral tree, twisted and gnarled, and covered in sharp spikes. I often cut myself when I prune it. I know from the previous owner of my house that it has been there since the Sydney suburb I live in was farmland, ie, well before 1950. It flowers spectacularly once a year, and I treasure it.

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    1. Thanks, Steve. Hope you have a great 2021.

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      1. And you too, Duane.


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