The Throne

The Throne

You know

I could drone on like the typical sad poet

But then I thought, “today

I don’t have to do that at all”

Yes there is darkness, evil, and ugliness

But there is also light, good, and beauty


I get to choose which one to focus on


Even in the midst of the chaos

I can settle right into the midst of the order

Even in the midst of death

I can choose to continue to live

And love


For that might just be the key


To love in the midst of everything

Might just be the source of all freedom

The source of all light, all good, all beauty


So I want to rest there

I want to run there

I want to sleep there

I want to dwell there


The place where I choose love over all other things

Might just be the most powerful place in the universe


The Throne


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