T=mg + ma

These paradoxes are killing this Western man

I’m told that giving up is the way to life

Then giving up is the way to shame

I’m told that rest brings me to peaceful healing

Yet I rest and become more lame

I’m not saying the truth is a lie

But what I am saying is that life seems immutably impossible

And I’m not really sure what I should do

The scientists attribute the darkness to biology

The preachers attribute the biology to darkness

In a culture of “I must know everything”

I think we know nothing, nothing at all

Suddenly I find this earth I’ve been anchored to

Is floating aimlessly in space

Possibly not aimlessly

Possibly toward a great destruction

Possibly toward miraculous life

I am told that this is my greatest decision

Is it really the electrons traversing the axons

That determines the universe’s fate?

Is it true we’re just a micron of a meaningless speck?

Like I said, the tension betwixt these two is so great

I feel I’m being torn in two

The dangers of that are none too few

Neither are the abundance of the treasures


Tension:Archer by La-Boheme


Image from Google Images, La Boheme


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  1. Very thought provoking, Duane, and very true. On occasions I’ve experienced a kind of formless panic in libraries when I’ve realized how much I didn’t know and never would. It happened because I believed it was a catastrophic failing, and I still find it hard to let go of any unsolved problem, no matter how insignificant it is. As you imply, we don’t give up, but we need a little wisdom. 🙂

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    1. Yes, just a little…. 😊😊😊. I think wisdom can start where we allow the failures to propel us forward instead of allowing failure to beat us down. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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