The Day After the Best Day

The Day After the Best Day


The Day After the Best Day

It’s funny how I want certain days to linger

Almost drowning in all of the goodness

Exhausted from the fun

Yet, a night of sleeping later

I awake to a sense that all of that is now a memory

There is stillness in the now

Unknowing in the future

I reach back to see what’s left from yesterday

And find much treasure there

Yet I know I cannot dwell there

Missing the treasure of today

The hope of tomorrow

I find that gratefulness keeps the memories whole

Fresh amongst the newly blooming flowers

Gratefulness keeps me right where I need to be

In the center of all of God’s goodness

So I take this moment in the right here and right now

I thank You for bringing me here

Everything has turned out for good

Just like You said it would


I am so thankful


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  1. Thought provoking as usual. 🙂 Memories are so important, and the benefit of treasured memories as you’ve expressed so beautifully. I find that occasionally it takes a conscious effort not to look backwards into darkness, which can also recreate itself in the present, and I see this in myself and others. It seems like a kind of feedback loop that can spiral up or down, and I’m also grateful that for me it mostly spirals upward. 🙂

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  2. Exactly. And I’m glad you’re memories do carry you upwards. I tell my kids constantly that we all get to choose what we feed on, and if we feed on gratefulness, we’re going to be ok. Again, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It’s always encouraging! 🙂


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