No photo today. Shocker! I’m going to let you use your imagination instead 🙂


I see the transplant branch

Withering, sad and dry

I don’t know where, I don’t know why

When I followed all the given directions

I went to class, I listened well

But still my lovely branch was felled

By all the things we cannot see or know

A falling ember, some melted snow

Has burnished all my expectations

My mind does go through its typical gyrations

Yet forlorn still my heart does feel

I search for truth, I search for real

Green still runs up and down the stem

I’ve given up my hopes for him

And have rested them all on me

I’d like to see

How this is going to all turn out

Do I see new life or another walkabout

Seeking what can never be found

Lying in the ground

It’s all lying in the ground

9/12/20, kdc


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