The Collections

The Collections

Maybe these times of emptiness

Cause me to be grateful when times are full

Or maybe I’m just fooling myself

Chasing apparitions

Maybe I shouldn’t be judging myself at all

Taking time to analyze the how’s and why’s

All the time and energy that takes

Might just win the prize

For the one who has wasted more time than anyone

For the one who’s missed the entire point of life

But what just is that “Point”?
Doesn’t that very word imply a specific destination?
A geographical place? A determined end?
Maybe we have it all wrong

Maybe life is simply a song

That would be quite ironic wouldn’t it?
The very thing I bemoan and despise

Be the thing that makes me healthy, wealthy, and wise

For it surely isn’t this early bedtime and awakening

Nor is it staying up late

Life has nothing to do with any of that

These rules we’ve all made up 

To make us feel better about ourselves

I’ve taken those thoughts, put them on shelves

Labeled them, “things that just didn’t work out well for me”

The labels are hard to see

The font size is far too small

But the shelf looks great hanging on the wall

With all of those shells and trinkets

Maybe, just maybe

I’ve had it all wrong

Maybe my life is simply a song

9/29/19 kdc


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