Just be yourself

Think for yourself

Don’t be an amalgamation of many people 

But aren’t we all an amalgamation?

Our DNA is the very display

Of thousands of others

But where did that all begin

It is there we find our answers 

Of who we really are 

Made from dust of sun and star

Or just a random lottery win

Where did all of this beauty begin again 

And where did it all go wrong

I could hide myself among a song

Or I could step out in the open

Knowing the sunlight will reveal it all



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  1. As always, plenty to think about here. Randomness, repetition, and our own desire to believe in our uniqueness. Truly having nothing to hide, and I have met such people, yes, perhaps it is a worthy goal. But I suspect, again, that it depends on your starting point, and it is not for everyone; nature and nurture do make us distinct, and we can choose what we accept and what we work to change. The photograph reminds me of some enjoyable places in parkland here in Sydney.

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  2. Thanks, Steve. Your reply is thought provoking in and of itself. I’ve been reading a lot of Brene’ Brown recently and her research on shame and vulnerability. I think that reading inspired some of the thoughts here. This might be just for me, but I have felt for a long time that our culture (at least here in the United States) strongly emphasizes a person always wearing a mask. That gets old, and I have found myself longing for authenticity. So, since I am responsible only for myself, I choose that road, the pathway to authenticity. Anyway, boy, I just rambled on here, but thanks so much again for your excellent insight. I always learn from that. Have a great day!

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