The Rushing

The Rushing

Let’s just sit here and stare at the screen, shall we?

Let’s just sit here and stare

Thinking nothing, going nowhere

Life seems to be nothing

But a series of distracting interruptions

Destroying any sense of creativity

A giant ocean trapped by a dam of crumbling earth

How ridiculous is that?

Maybe that is the biggest frustration

Something infinite and grand

Seems powerless against a barren land

But all our great stories tell us otherwise

Often it isn’t what we see with our eyes

Often it is what we know with our hearts

Where beauty resides

Often there is the place of great freedom

The place of the unseen

Eternal hues of blues and greens

I can hear the rushing of the waters…


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  1. 🦋 Most of our rivers here are slow moving and peaceful. It’s amazing how I can sit by my river in peace and you can sit by a rushing river and feel that same peace and see that same beauty. God is amazing.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading and especially for taking the time to comment. That is greatly appreciated, and glad you felt some of that peace that rivers do give.

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  2. I read this piece in two parts. I’m currently trying to get my mind in the game to write a post for next weekend and not succeeding. The first part is an accurate description for me right now. The second part: mighty unseen forces that seem to permeate the natural world. Even not believing in many, many stories, I still feel inspired by that world, and I’m sure I would be in the place you captured in that marvellous photograph. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

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    1. Thank you for reading it. I think being trapped between those two worlds is the “normal” place for poets. All in all I think it’s good for us all. Oftentimes tension tends to bring out the best in us, the goodness we didn’t know was there. Keep at it. 🙂

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