we live in a cloud of stardust

Hydrogen, helium, thyme

we think we are nothing

yet we are part of a vast universe

we think we are everything

yet we see nothing of our future selves

we are part of the suns, the galaxies, the moons

yet all the while no other will ever have our exact DNA


we live amongst all these tensions

these forces that seem so inanimate

yet everyday we find more who are alive


we live in a cloud of stardust

hydrogen, helium, and thyme

none of it eternal

all of it sublime


all of it in eternal rhyme


each of us making a difference



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  1. 🦋 Incredible imagery.

    Love it!

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  2. Wonderful poetic words so well composed.

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  3. I love the scales, and the contradictions, which I guess is also who we are, and the conclusion with its layers of meaning. Love the composition of the photograph as well, especially the silhouettes as the eye is drawn to the vanishing point.

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