Traversing Oceans

Traversing Oceans

Traversing Oceans

Often I’m writing poems

Even I don’t understand

The words just seem to flow from me

Like water from the hand

Though there is some deliberate direction

There is always also splash

The life seems just to splatter

It stains the crimson sash

I often love to drift along

Sail the open seas

And somewhere in the midst of it

I find out who is me

So try a little sailing

Open to the winds

You just might find your deliberate course

Becomes subject to beauty’s whims


Truly there is the place of wonder




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  1. Beautiful poetic words.


  2. I like the ideas you’ve fished from the ocean. I have to admit it often seems as if whatever you grasp for will slip away, while what you need but didn’t seek is drifting nearby. An enjoyable piece.

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