Writer’s Block

Writer's Block

Dedicated to all who are right in the midst of the struggle between life and death…

Writer’s Block


I haven’t written


Sometimes creativity sits

Like a dark black molded growth

Against the side of a dead tree stump


But even that tumor is alive

Even that blotch of ignorance

Is living


I don’t know if I want to share such things with the world


I’m not sure we’re meant to handle the recycling

The remolding

The renewing of everything


But then again maybe we are


And though my creation might not be bright as the star

It is still a creation and holds life

Right in the midst of all this death


I have written



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  1. Yes, we share what we decide to share, and this is true everywhere, but I, for one, am glad that you shared this piece: the wrapping of the first and last lines around such dark and moving content. It reminded me of my childhood when I was ill and investigating every branch of science that I could. A small book on biology described various experiments I could perform, and one was chopping up a tomato and leaving it outside to become moldy. I checked it every day, the black, white and colored growths appearing, their spores, and thought it was magical. Wishing you success in your struggle, Steve.

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