Against the Currents

Against the Current

Against the Currents

I have never felt so much like a salmon

As I do right now

I realize I am always going against the current

I am feeling the strain

Always, always feeling the strain


I am closer to the end


Wondering just what is the purpose of this journey

Is it to be eaten alive?
Caught by some vicious hook?

Get to the end, find the prize and die

Is that the final chapter of this book?


No, I don’t think that is the parable at all


It might just be that as I swim or as I crawl

I am living for those that will live beyond me

My DNA will taste the future


But what does that matter?

Does that matter if and when I am completely forgotten?

Maybe that is why fame is such a sought-for treasure

This idea that I won’t be forgotten

Weighs heavy on the soul

It surely is not meant that we roll

On a coaster ride of daily inconveniences

Simply to stand in line all over again


I honestly seek a voice, a friend

One that can help me charter these waters

One who knows that sons and daughters

Do mean everything to everyone

One who knows the moon, the sun

Who doesn’t wince at light nor darkness

But simply shares the smile of acceptance

In the beaming twilight of the day



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  1. Your blend of certainty and doubt is very special, perhaps mirroring what many people go through and do not express with clarity. Thank you for holding these dilemmas up to the light. PS: Love the photograph with the soft flow of water.

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  2. Thank you. And thank you so much for taking the time to not only read, but understand. That is greatly appreciated. 🙂


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