The Burning (One)

The Burning One


I live here in this land

I was just moving along

In the same routine as always

Moving, meandering aimlessly along

The sky was darkening

But it was getting brighter all the same

I thought I heard it whisper my name

But then I thought I must have been in the narrow hallways

For far, far too long

Again, again, this time in song

I heard sound call, and call again

A voice of reds and blues and yellows and brights

A view of sky and sheer delights

Was on a bright display

I had a choice to make this day


Keep moving


Or Turn Aside


I wanted to hide from the decision

Not wanting to face any dark derision

But at the same time knowing deep within

There was something more here than fanciful whim


So I turned to see, and I saw


A tree

On Fire


Somewhere, somehow my heart’s Desire

Was burning right here in this place

No time, no logic, no scene, no space

Could match with what I knew here


I was looking at the One


So I stayed here for a while

I heard nothing else

Nothing else but Beauty

Who kept playing the changing lyrics of the song

The day was short, the tones were long

And in the silence I could here the whisper of the call


This invitation to give my all

To simply gaze upon the Beauty

The One who is above all time

The One who is the end of all signs

And the beginning of all the differences

I shed my shame, I then gave all deference

To this One in front of me


I see the city where I wasn’t born

The place where everything seems foreign and strange

I see the palms off in the distance

Calling me to different shores, to rearrange

This insane desire to chase what isn’t seen

And replace it with what is sure


But I have been down that road before

And it has nothing in its ending

Nothing in its middle, nothing in its beginning

Because all of it falls into the wastelands

The wastelands known as “Meaningless”

I long more for the light’s caress

So therefore I will simply stay here


I listen to the singing

In it I don’t hear the church bells ringing

But rather I hear the dance of happiness

From the ones who live their lives in contentment

From the ones who have found the keys

The keys to all true freedoms


I return my gaze, my attention to the tree

I guess this is where I always will be

I guess this is where I will stand

So I gaze once again on these foreign lands

I thank Wisdom that I have stopped running

To get here


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  1. Beautiful and expansive and mysterious. I read it and read it again and still wondered, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. “I see the city where I wasn’t born” –simple, and full of meaning.

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  2. It’s not a bad thing at all to wonder. Thanks so much. This was one of those poems that just “hit me” so I’m glad it had you returning to it again. 🙂

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