All Encompassing

All Encompassing

Love is the greatest of delights,
the most unconscionable of pains
It rides mighty horses across the universe’s plains
An all encompassing sea of stars and planets and space
Quarks and mesons and trace
Love is the reason why I breathe
The reason why I die
If love was not in the midst of my being,
here In meaninglessness I would lie

But in meaninglessness I am not

Love is the greatest of delights

K, Duane Carter 5/24/14


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  1. Good to read you again, Duane, in these strange times, when there is so much to occupy our thoughts. You write of the big questions, that many of us find unanswerable. Once, as a Buddhist, I would have taken their view that there is no point to asking, that it is wasted thinking.

    But just the asking, even if it were without answers, allows people like you to soar, and carry others aloft with you. This is meaning isn’t it? Steve

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    1. Hello, Steve. Great to hear from you again. Once again your thoughts are greatly appreciated and very perceptive. I’m getting where I’m more comfortable with questions that don’t have answers, and like you say there is something in the asking. Great to hear from you again, and hope you’re doing well.


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