Singing River

Singing River

I often read great poetry

Then first cry out a woe is me

I can never seem to attain to such beauty

Such wisdom

So dark disdain is born from comparison

An offspring I need to cast in the river

Here I stand on the shore

The river in motion

Quickly heading to its destinations

But silent

No sound I hear

Except upriver in the shallows

I step into the water, cold

Numbness takes its toll

I decide to step out

Stay in the warm sunshine


I have felt the waters

I know they exist

Even though I hear nothing in this moment

They move along

In song

A song, a song

I sing along

Not caring about the winter freezes

The pollen has brought the sniffling, sneezes

Yet my eyes they water from something more

I begin to walk the shaded shore

With singing and with silence

Despair, comparison are no more

Simply because they never were

6/13/20 kdc


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