For so long

For far too long

I have dwelt amongst images


Imaginations of my own making

Without a voice

Without another opinion

And we all got along just fine

But after all these years I see this wine

Has been poisoned with the art of sorcery

A deep magic has consumed my soul

Now I know of no one whole

Especially my own little self

The gecko does his pushups on the stone wall

The garden green from rains

The fire pit tilted and empty

She runs along again

I have heard there is one that pursues me

I have been running, running on for so long

But this spell has cast me listless, darkened, deep

I’m deaf to the freedom song

I need an earthquake of immense proportions

To shake me awake from this sleep

The gecko has disappeared completely

The gardens green from rains

The fire pit is rusting, tilted and empty

I keep running along again

I keep looking on signs of confusion

I keep building up the broken down walls

I keep listening for sounds of delusion

I keep diving back into my fall

This gravity just won’t let me go

This entropy just wants me to know

There are laws that simply won’t be broken

Without dire and utter consequence

I had to pull down the blinds for the sunshine

Was so bright that I just could not see

The fire pit is still tilted and empty

I wonder if that’s how I could be

I am told if I sit here in this silence

That fruit from the tree I will bear

I am told if I wait here for wonder

No longer will I have empty stares

The gardens are green from the raining

I know not when they come or from where

The stone walls still boundary the garden

The raven takes off to the air

He knows of no such boundary or time

A shaded branch, a day sublime

Is simply part of his daily routine

What does this all mean

Is never a boisterous question in his head

So many things left unsaid

So many things left unanswered

This may just be the way it will be

I see flowers growing on the tree

5/24/20 kdc


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