Figure 8’s

Figure 8’s

I wish I could write something


Anything to make a difference

Anything to lighten the load

But nothing I do really matters

Nothing I say changes anything

It’s not words that transform our lives

It’s love

And I’m fresh out of that

There was a rush on it during the pandemic

The shelves are empty

Not expecting a shipment for quite some time

I was too busy working to get to the store

Now there seems to be nothing left for anyone anymore

The lights just came on outside

The dark and the rain brought them on early tonight 

I wish I could write a song

This poetry seems to die by the wayside

Before it ever even takes flight

I guess I can thank the nights

I can thank the mass production

Why would anyone want to think for themselves

When there are all these beauties around

Telling us what to do and how to consume

The lights just came on outside

The dark and the rains brought them on early tonight

I’ve been reading there is no purpose

We all simply find our way

One random moment at a time

It seems we’re all playing in the bumper cars

All at the same time

An occasional electric spark dismantles the wrecks

We all want to be where the life is

There’s nothing wrong with clinging to the unseen

There’s nothing wrong with living in the midst of fine dreams

There’s nothing wrong with a wonder imagination

There’s nothing wrong with beauty in a cochlear gyration

I think I’ll walk in figure eights

Considering the meaning of infinite weight

Considering the possibilities

Of everything that cannot be measured

The lights are racing through the universe

They always seem to arrive right on time

They always seem to arrive on time

5/13/20 kdc


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