I’m in the midst of a storm called pandemic

About to crash on the haystacks of disaster


The third time is not a charm

It’s a humiliating punch to the gut

I try not to be mad at God

Yet those promises I’ve heard all of my life

Are ringing hollow in my heart

My ears cannot take anymore

My eyes don’t want to see

One of the smallest particles in the universe

Destroying the life that is me

Some say this is a good thing

I’m not sure all the dead ones agree

All I know is I’m supposed to be confident, strong

Living in the land of the free

The waves just keep beating upon me

The doubts just keep coming ashore

The questions still linger among us

I wonder what it is I am here for

Surely it is not just for poetry

To write just one more useless phrase

Surely it’s not just for living

Just one more sullen and isolated day

I am told to be silent and listen

For the sound of the Great Wisdom’s voice

I am told that I just need to keep on

I hear that happiness is simply a choice

I’m not sure that anyone has answers

The answers that heal up the soul

But I am sure that there is a goodness

I am sure that love makes us whole

So I will go on into the midst of this maelstrom

I will turn my eyes to above

I will watch as the earth keeps on turning

I will act out of nothing but love

For this is what I was made for

4/1/20 kdc

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