For so long I’ve thought truth

Is what is right, not what is wrong

I’m beginning to discover there are many, many levels

Your truth is often what you see

What you only want to see

Yet real truth goes much further beyond that

Much deeper than that

Much further out and about

An expanding sphere

That never ends

Some call it the universe

But the universe has its edges

Its beginnings

It’s even further on than that

When I realize I cannot contain this infinity

I realize I cannot contain what is right, what is wrong 

This dichotomous fruit that grows from a tree of death

I’ve thought it was life all along

It’s not

But it just might be what points me to the one that is life

If I’ll simply hold on to the one that is all

The one that is

The one that loves

No matter what part of myself I give

I don’t have to wear a mask anymore
I don’t have to put on a show

I don’t have to have the right answer, the right prayer

There is nothing I have to know

There is only that which I live, I experience

And for each and every one of us that can be unique

Just like the heartbeat of our own DNA

Just like the DNA of our own heartbeat

I don’t have to be right

I just simply have to be loved

And pass that on to anyone and everything around me


2/29/20 kdc

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