The Point

The Point

I don’t want to read anymore

I don’t want to think

I don’t want to be told what to do

Where to go, what to say, what to drink

I don’t want to pray like you anymore

God already knows what I need

I don’t want to hear anymore

The difference between wheat, between weed

I’m growing so tired of “discernment”

Spoken code for judgment and shame

I don’t care what you think is right, what is wrong

While you don’t even know my own name

I’m not going to buy another damn book

I’m not going to sing all these songs

I’m not going to go to endless meetings and gather

While children die all the day long

I think I’m going to go for a walk outside

Listen to God as he speaks through the trees

I think I’m going to watch the sunrise on the mountains

Let beauty bring me down to my knees

I think I’ll get up and go for a walk

And whomever may pass by my way

I think I’ll look for God in their eyes

Maybe not a word I will say

I think I’ll be still and listen for once

Not listening for something so grand

I think I will see someone wounded and low

I think I will offer my hand

These things are the things I see from a heart

That simply just lives in the light

I will live and live well no matter the times

I will live in the day and the night

I will love in the day and the night

2/29/20, kdc


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