I’m just sitting here

Watching myself get older

My skin gets paler

My muscles weaker

My adipose yielding to the forces of gravity

Everything tired of fighting the inevitable

I have to wear my optics to see anymore

I don’t want to hear so I don’t

At least the food is good

The beer is fine, so is the wine

So things are looking up quite nicely

Though I’m still not sure

After all these years

Just why it is me walking the path I’m on

To taste the unknown

I think that might just be my mantra

I move along in a plodding jaunt

That keeps pace with nothing and no one

I guess if you want your dose of happiness

You just might want to find it on your own

I know no answers, I know no home

I have no place to rest my head

I keep on walking and listening instead 

To the silence of the star-studded nights

1/12/20 kdc


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