The Races

The Races

I sit on the back porch


Cool breeze stirring in its freedom

The crickets chirping all around me

An occasional change in their rhythm

Rarely a change in their rhyme

The waxing moon rests above

Saturn in her gracious clutches

Peace, tranquility, good

This is the realm beyond time

Off in the distance I hear the roar of the engines

The race is on

Another car goes down the road


Fast, furious, growling


Obnoxious even, trying to drown out nature’s sounds

Blistering speeds

Conquering time

Driving on for that one precious millisecond

What a perfect picture of our world

In a hurry to run in circles

Raging on to get nowhere in particular

Enslaved to the clock

All the while the earth rests in quiet peace

And will continue to do so for a long, long time

Just listen to the sounds of the rock

The crickets are chirping all around me

There is so much power in the quiet

9/7/19 kdc


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