Artists are a lot like God

They come up to a great nothing

Blank and void and empty

They begin to see

They begin to draw

They begin to paint

Layers at a time

At any given point

You can hear the whispers from outside

“What is that?”
“That makes no sense”

And the ever present and inevitable, “Oooo, that is so ugly.”

Yet you are not done

You are not done at all

More tones, more colors, more light, more depth

A song, hummed in quiet peace

Artistry unfolds

Magic happens

When the finished product appears

There is nothing but awe in in the whispers

So it is with you

7/21/19 kdc

Painting “Blue Herons” by Melissa Carter


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  1. A stunning artwork with depth and subtlety of tone and design, and a thought-provoking read. Your description of the process, for me, connects to self-doubt — it does not need to come from outside — and my personal experience is that it is inevitable.


  2. Thanks Steve. Thanks for the encouraging words 😊.

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