I need to write

I’m not sure why

All I want is to touch the sky

Yet all I do is squirm through the earth

I don’t want to hear all the caterpillar metaphors

I see what happens to the earthworms

Food for birds

Drying out in the hot sun

Dying on the sidewalks

Eating, eliminating, pushing on, dying

This surely cannot be what this parable is all about

I try to scream, I’d like to shout

But the sound doesn’t go past my canines

I sit here and stare

I’d like to wonder,

But I sit here and stare

I hear the sounds of children

Running, playing, talking, meaningless chatter

But everything means everything to them

Maybe it should be that way with me

Instead of worrying what is worth my while

Coming to the conclusion that all is meaningless

Maybe I should assume all is worthwhile

Embrace it all with wonder

Even those things of dark charades

All of life is simply a game anyway

Except there really are no winners and losers

That’s why the whole thing is a great mystery

For those of us seeking nothing but answers

We swim in an ocean of disenchantment, disappointment

For those who simply love to live

They splash in rivers of delight

What is the secret to leaving night?

I forgive myself and all who have known me

All who have left me out to dry

I hear the sounds of splashing waves

7/18/19 kdc


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