This is dedicated to my daughters, who I am trying to raise so that they know they are loved, they are beautiful, and they are magnificently wondrous. They are a treasure simply because of who they are.

This is for all the girls and women out there who need to hear that you are truly beautiful just because you are who you are.


I’ve grown weary of this endless degradation of the female body

Which flagrantly disregards her soul

I am tired of people seen only as objects

Plastic water bottles to be thrown into the sea

Use them once, use them twice

Then forgotten forever

But their pain resonates throughout the universe

I can feel it, to the bones

I see the people in their happy homes

But wonder about those who are not

It’s time to twist this macho plot

Throw a flower into the midst of the fray

It’s time to change, it’s time to pray

For the release of the daughters in beauty

6.29.19 kdc

Image from Google Images. Photographer was not identified.


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