Anniversary Haiku

Duane and Melissa, Carmel Beach, CA

Anniversary Haiku

Marry me again, Love

Everything you touch, beauty

Our Love forevermore

Broke the rules again

Eight instead of seven there

Freedom is magic

Marry me again, Love

All you touch turns to beauty

Our love forevermore

A true haiku

kdc, 6/26/19


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  1. There is something to be said for simply stopping, Duane, as you wrote. I very much enjoy reading your your work, such breadth and such imagination, and not holding back on what you feel, like this radiant piece.

    I have been unable to keep up with WordPress this year, even though I’ve been posting less often, and, I’m sorry to say, reading less and less. Nevertheless, whatever it holds, the future is waiting…


    1. I’m with you. I’m writing much less, but that’s ok. Sometimes I think we all need a break, time to step back and just see what life is all about. Thanks for taking time to read, and have a great week.

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