Grape Vine

Grape Vine

I guess it’s good for your work to outlive you

It’s good for your DNA to travel on

Sometimes I’m not so sure what to focus on

Build and work, work and build

Live and love, Love and live

Maybe it’s all a both and an and

I keep coming back to that phrase

Over and over and over and over

Maybe I need those frequent reminders

Since it’s completely different than how I’ve thought for years

I long to eat from a different tree

I long to know what is life for me

What is life for everyone, new

This isn’t for a chosen few

It is life abundant for all

I hear the doves, the distant call

The distant invitation to loveliness

The baby’s skin, the soft caress

Of rose petals springing forth at sunrise

You know, these common words I do despise

I wish I could express more deeply

But here I stay, struggling in the fray

Wishing for more than mere answers

The heart and soul, the leap of dancers

Is deep within the universe of soul

I cannot go on, I cannot roll

This great stone from in front of my being

Even in this great darkness I’m watching, seeing

The grave clothes falling off into mist

My eyes, my ears, my nose, my wrist

All seem to be brimming with light

As this goes on there will be no night

No more anger in the stirrups

No more bridle in the burrows

No more steel within my mouth

I inhale deeply, I look about

I sense the coming thunder

The sound of awe, amazing wonder

Lightning in his sheaths

A trembling through my entire body

Olives amongst the wreaths

Wine amongst the sheaves

The taste, the smells are good

I smell the smell of cedar wood

I taste the wine of Eden


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