I’m going through some times of transition, and my writing is at a perfect standstill. SO…I’m going to repost one of my favorites in honor of my recent trip to Big Sur, one of my favorite places on earth. Enjoy!

Songs From the River


Welcome to the land of the poppies

Welcome to the land of the sun

Come in to the land of the waves and the sea

To the place where life is lived on

In a way where we all get to live it

Despite our differences, our opinions

We welcome the blue of our skies

We allow each one to ask their why’s

We allow each one to find the answers

We see tattoos, we admire the dancers

The artists, the surfers, the genius, the songs

We cherish the mountains, we relish the prongs

Over an open campfire on the beach

There is no dream that is out of reach here

It is the land of greatest opportunity

Sure there are those with quite the impunity

To wall us all in with their flimsy regulations

Yet freedom springs up from the very soil

We have fruitful work that banishes…

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