Great Ones

Great Ones

There are many great ones on the earth

Not because they are known

Not because they are wealthy

Not because they are influential or powerful

But because they care

Because they love

Because they live life the way a human being lives life

Loving one another

Loving those that cross their paths

Whether that be another person, an animal, or a tree in the forest

These people are the ones that quietly move about

Changing the earth one moment at a time

They are never applauded

They are never written about

Most may be never noticed

But they are seen and known

They are honored and praised

By the lives of all, by the land

Let’s give these folks a hand….


Dedicated to all who live their lives the best they know how, to the ones that fulfill the ultimate call of simply living life by making the world around them a better place, even when no one else notices. You are the true heroes of our world, and thank you.


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  1. Very true and thought-provoking as always. Occasionally I have had the privilege to encounter people who have made great sacrifices, without fuss, without expectation, without fanfare, unknown. For me, this at least confirms the light inside.

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    1. Exactly. Thanks so much.

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