I wish I could be confident

I wish I knew

The only thing I know

Is that I really don’t know

But I guess that’s a starting point 

That’s knowing a something

I look at the sunrise, the sunset

In an analytical way

What angle is the best to capture this

What will be the moment of best color

All the while I never really experience the moment

That is a parable of my entire life with God and others

That simple picture

Though staggering and painful and downright sad

Is simply the truth

It’s why I am not confident at all

Only my left brain is working

My right, in the stillness, is asking for just one chance

To let me know the great sunrise



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  1. An important conversation to have with oneself, I think: can we stop the analysis and just “be,” so hard that is. The usual thoughtful piece, and a great photo.

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  2. Thanks so much Steve.

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