New Day

New Day

It’s very hard to be a perfectionist

Because the very standard I use for me

Is the one I use for others

And everyone in this system fails, including me



Which makes me wonder

Maybe perfect is not the way any of us should be

Maybe I am fighting against a reality

That will never, ever move

I work so hard to test and prove

I am right

While all existence says “Not so.”

I’m not quite sure which way to go

But I do know I must turn away from here

This place that only knows judgment and fear

I must leave it at once

I have no idea where I am going

But anywhere else must be better

I might just need to write a letter

A letter of resignation to my former self

Clear these self-made trophies off of the shelf

Go outside, breathe the air

Look up to the mountains there

And take the worst photo I’ve ever taken

Laugh it off, let my perfection be shaken

Right off into the colors of the sunrise.



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