I could spend the rest of my life feeding this monster

For when I starve it, it doesn’t go away

So either way I seem to be a perpetual roommate

To something that is destructive to me

Right in the midst of making history

Right in the midst of a changing tide I decide

To go back into the darkened waters again

Another swim

in the ice bath of indecision and doubt

Then a rout of the accusations begin

So another swim

I just keep going deeper and deeper


The sounds of happiness are outside in the back yard

Children running and playing

Speaking of things completely insensible

Yet of reality all the same

They are not naive nor are they ignorant

They are simply more aware

Of the life that is flowing through their hearts


The sounds of the music grow stronger

The chords bring meaning and wonder to me

They progress towards the oceans of deeper

Where light is in the depths of the sea

It was the laughter that made all the difference

It was the joy in the running that came

It was the smiles of playing, innocent children

That brought me right out of mundane


K, Duane Carter 9/26/13


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  1. A pleasure to read this sequence of poems from different times, with their consistent threads and differences. The ever-seeking, finding and losing, and vacillations, drifting sideways. I guess it is the time of year when we reflect on the past. Wishing you all the best for the festive season and the coming year, poetry, photography and life.


  2. Thanks so much, Steve, and the best of holidays to you as well. It is fun to watch us all “grow up” and change. I read something the other day where neuroscience is learning that if we don’t learn new things and grow and change, our minds begin to shrivel away. SO….let’s not shrivel away. 🙂 And a happy and abundant 2019 to you 🙂

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