I need days like today







Pain surging through my lower back

With every little move


So stillness is the order of the day

No frenetic activity

No urgent motion

Just quiet sitting listening to the waters flow

Just listening to the heartbeat grow

Toward a restful anticipation of good

I sense these things amongst the woods

The forests of soul and spirit 

I hear the beckons, I might be near it

I might be far away

Yet I would know nothing of anything this rainy day

Without the colors of the quiet


Autumn leaves outside my window

Bright reminders of brighter days

Shorter, still

I gaze out from the windowsill

There is always a spring after the winter

My soul for so long broken, splintered

Now the humus is ready for growth

Up into that never seen, never known

Up into all that has been known by the ancients

Up into all that is made to be me

I see the stately redwood trees

Are still with steadfast smiles

They’ve never moved an inch, a mile

Yet they know the vastness of the oceans


Because they understand the life of stillness







I have a day in wisdom’s school 


I have a day in the stillness

And I am so grateful for it



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  1. Finding such inspiration from a back problem is truly impressive, to touch the universe in the stillness. I think that many of us, including me at times, add to the pain by becoming frustrated and angry. I’d say that not only you have learned from it, with sharing it’s a lesson for all of us. (And an amazing photograph.)

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    1. Thank you, thank you. That’s why I wrote this. It seems inspiration tends to come when all one can do is be still and wonder. 🙂

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  2. Stillness. Pain surging through the lower back. Your imagery is how I am, at this moment. Quiet and feeling. I love this. The words necessary. Thank you ❤️

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    1. Thanks Shayleene. Glad you liked it and glad it spoke to you.

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