Today I felt the heavy pain of the land

Entire forests burned, charred

Entire mountains with blackened scars

The leaves of the valley oaks dulled orange

Not from autumn skies

But from death



Yet then there is this


An angel in the skies bringing life


Salmon and periwinkle

Coral and slate

Her arms outspread to tell us all

All is not lost

In fact, Nothing is lost


The light shows nothing but goodness

Displaying it clearly

A clarion picture of sweet restoration


Suddenly all the pain turns to hope

Hope lifts up joy

Dancing together to the sounds of new life


The flowers are coming

The forests are coming

The animals are coming

Light and life, they are coming

Nothing can stop their singing, their songs

We have felt the dark stinging of smoke for so long

Yet here we are in the crimsons

The blue

The incredible hue

Of sheer beauty


Everything will be restored

Better, even better than ever before


The songs will always carry over the waters






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  1. An uplifting read following the previous work, and gorgeous tonalities in the photograph. Maybe we all oscillate, maybe we are all like that. In Buddhism, there is a Wheel of Life which can be seen as just six states of our day-to-day mind: it includes heaven-like states and hell-like states. I can often identify where I am on that wheel.

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  2. Thanks Steve. I think we do all oscillate but the good news is we can choose how we respond to where we’re at, and after seeing this sunset I thought it wise to choose hope. Have a great day!

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  3. Yes! Thank you for a stunning, comforting photo and hope-filled poem.


    1. Thanks so much, Jane. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to read it.


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