I am filled with vengeance

I have been since my youth

I do not like it there

It rises up against my will


No, it does not


I have trained myself to accept it

Now I choose to simply reject it

Every time it screams my name

Vengeance never solves anything

It simply creates a snowball of hatred

Rolling down an eternal hill

Growing, growing

In its potential for mass destruction


I will choose the sunlight

I will take hold of one ray at a time

The snow will melt


Spring is coming


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  1. Very relatable for me: those thoughts most certain grow if given space. I now see angry vengeful thoughts as a kind of self poisoning, a venom that spreads inside. And I have found there is a secondary danger: of becoming numbed, of not feeling at all. It is as you say, the hatred must be replaced with light. Enjoyed this piece.

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  2. Thanks Steve. Glad you enjoyed it. Have a great week. 😊

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