Microscopic (Infinitesimal)

Microscopic (Infinitesimal)



Most of the time it’s easier to do the “wrong” thing

It seems like holiness, perfection

Are just much too high

I can’t reach it

I can’t jump anymore

The pains in my feet go screaming galore

So I just simply sit down and stare

Then my head goes down

I look toward the ground

To see if there might be some happiness there

I seen an ant moving along

Taking the crumb back to the nest

His contribution, though a total success,

Will never, ever be recognized amongst the masses

But then I realize

It was recognized by me

So in this thought I feel quite free

To share


Keep being you


For one much greater than you


And knows


You are a total success.



Maybe not anywhere near my “best” but at the same time I get the sense this crumb will make a difference somewhere…


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  1. Yes, it is easier not to make an effort, and I’ve found that there are times when doing what I believe is right is not ignored but attracts anger and criticism. If I do make an effort, I suspect it’s because I think that I’ve let too much slide, too much go past in my life. Thank you for your thought-provoking words.

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    1. You’re welcome. And thank you for taking the time to read this and give insight. It’s always appreciated 😊

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