Don’t assume that everyone is as unfulfilled as you are

Don’t think that normal is your own

Don’t believe that every wish upon a star

Or every seed that’s sown

Becomes the thing you saw it to be

Sometimes it’s more

Sometimes it’s naught

Sometimes a drought

Sometimes a draught


However things turn out to be

It matters how much it’s watered

It matters how much there’s light

It matters when it doesn’t make a difference

It matters when it’s day or when it’s night


Through all the patterns of the daylight

There is always a weaving and a rhythm

That is well beyond what we see, what we know

There is always a vapor in the starlight

There is always a purity to the snow

We often have to rest to feel it

We often have to still ourselves to perceive

We often have to keep climbing up the mountains

Deeply inhaling the air we receive


Either as if it is not quite enough

Or as if we must keep gasping for more


There’s a subtlety in the difference

I don’t quite know exactly what it means

I simply know in the act of the motion

I begin to see the mysteries of the unseen


In the stillness, in the motion

In the rivers, in the oceans

There are so many questions in life

Yet in them all there lies the signs to the Answer

When we choose to join stillness, not strife


So let’s meander


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  1. Beautifully expressed, particularly for me the “subtlety in the difference,” the stillness and motion ideas, that we get intimations of something all around us, both close and far away. And the image of course. 😃

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    1. Thank you 😊😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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