The Parable

Today I was enjoying one of the great benefits of living in California:  just staying outside all afternoon in the 70 degree sunshine with it only two weeks from Christmas Eve. I was watching the sunset colors move along the mountains of Lassen Volcanic National Park and this poem just came to me. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

The Parable

In just a matter of moments

The sunlight ascended right up the mountain

It was nothing at all

It took no time at all

There’s a lesson in there

For me and for you

In those things that seem impossible to do

The light has already been there

To create an incredible view


Time to enjoy it….


The Parable

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  1. Beautiful photography, captured at the right moment, and the allegorical idea of your Parable. 100F here this week, not a lot of snow. 😃

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  2. 100F?? Are you in the Southern Hemisphere?? Wow. Fortunately here, all the snow is up in the mountains. We rarely get any in the valley, thus another reason I like living here. I drive to the snow when I want to see it, then come home where it’s warmer and drier 🙂

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    1. Sounds great. Yep, this Sunday will be 104F. 🔥

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