The Unknown

The Towers

The Unknown

I stand ready for battle

Staring at the blank screen before me

My mouth agape

Ready to fire forth the arrows galore

Yet all I see is rain and mist and haze

I don’t feel or know the Gatekeepers gaze

So all I know is quiet and dust

Where do I find the Guardian’s trust

So that I may enter the fields of renown?

My head has been shaped for a victor’s crown

My feet have been shaped for the journey

My mind has been formed by the years and years

Of competing in the tourney

Yet no prize will I ever know that way

I will know no prize living in this fear, this mist

This life that knows no pain, no bliss

Just the abandoned memories of Costco and Sam’s Club

I go buying up all their pizzas

Is that the way I’m to be known?

Is that the battle guard I’ve always flown?

No, I don’t think so, not at all.

I suddenly hear a clarion call

off in the distance

It’s a voice so distinctive in its strength

Yet universally renowned in all its gentleness

Was that Love I heard?

Before I can say one single, solitary word

My heart has leapt out before me

Now I must go chasing it down

Down into the Keeper’s Fields

The place where everything in my being yields

To the ways and the means of Love who resides there

I hear the lions, I hear the bears

My mind is literally tearing asunder

But my heart charges full speed toward the wonder

The wonder we all call “the unknown.”

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  1. I like the medieval feel that speaks of mystery and a hero’s journey, together with the modern references. And absolutely stunning artwork. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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