Listening to the Wind

I’m pulling one out of the archives today. I wrote this 5 years ago, but came across it today and thought, “I think I’ll post this one.” The photo is a sunset we had here in Northern California a couple of days ago. We’ve had some of the most amazing sunsets here recently. We don’t get clouds often, so when they are there, they are a great treat. On with the poetry….Hope you enjoy!  🙂


Listening to the Wind

Sometimes it’s best just to sit here listening

The sound of the Spirit moving in the silence

Anticipation in the air

The samplings of a gourmet chef

With all the smells and whistles

None of the thorns and thistles

But a balancing nonetheless

I break from far-off weary dreams

To embrace this quiet lull that seems

As nothingness is the norm

Yet the violent wind of storm

Awakes me to the difference

I listen, calmer, deeper still

While the windowpane is shaking

I carry on to the throne of God

Where everything is breaking

Where everyone has entered dance

Where no friend is forsaking

It is the best world of them all

For no fright is resting there

It is the greatest world of all

Only love is resting here

I am awakened to the difference

There is no end it seems

To this place of living, immortal dreams

Where colors are tasted

Great is delight

Where sights are mere wonders

Never is night

Except where sons do not shine

Once again, I am awakened to the difference

Listening to the Wind


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