The Way

The Way

The Way

I can feel the poems within me

Growing, moving, churning

Not yet ready to see the light

Yet building the light within me greatly

Sometimes I feel volcanic, ready to burst asunder

Sometimes there’s simply quiet, undercurrent

Moving the continents

One millimeter at a time

These senses are so subtle, sublime

Yet also they can be a sudden torrent

I don’t have my container ready to catch it all

The drops disappear into the warm, rich earth

Something will grow from them later

Something that creates a vast, deep crater

Too deep to see the bottom

Too wide to know the expanse

No droning lore or circumstance

Can describe or tame it

I can feel the poems within me

They grow, they move, they delight

They torture, they tense, they torment

All at once

All in a day

This is the way


Of the poet.




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  1. Stunning vivid imagery: conflict, inevitability, the opposites together, and beautifully expressed, from the very first line to the very last. For me, the unconventional photo is a stand-out and perfect with this piece. Great work. ⚡️

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    1. Thank you! And just to let a little secret out, the photo is of our nearby Lasssen Volcanic National Park. It’s hard to detect here but there are several bubbling, steaming fumaroles nearby, symbolizing the “volcanic” nature of the poem. 🙂

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