I am not your savior for the day

Nor am I an expert in anything

All of these experts

I hear the future laughing at them

“Those thoughts are ridiculous!

Everyone knows that isn’t so!”
I just don’t want to be there

I don’t want to be in that group

Known for not just it’s ignorance

But for it’s obstinate arrogance in it all


I also do not wish to be amongst the ones

Who refuse to believe anything at all

Just to not be wrong

I cannot waver between correct and not

Trying to avoid the extremes

I must take my stand

Yet so it seems

The most reliable foundation of them all

Is the foundation I cannot see or feel


Can this be so?
Can this be real?
Do I set my life on something that is so bizarre

Instead of the universal comfort in ritual?


I don’t know


I cannot think clearly with all this noise

People blabbering nothings

Phones playing videos

The Facebook and Twitter accounts brimming

Over the edges of the known universe

The trolls and horrific tales scream the lies

So loud no one knows the truth anymore


But yet there I go on a rabbit trail

No rabbits have been along here for decades

Only wandering, mumbling schizophrenics

Looking for their next doses of medications


I look up toward the sun’s rotations

And wonder when the next wonder will be

Will I even be around to see it? To know it?

Or will I have fallen asleep in the murmurings of my questions?


It’s been a long time since I’ve used any punctuations

I think that is a great sign

A sign I’m beginning to pause

A sign I’m beginning to pause and ponder the purpose of it all


A sign that I’m ready for the borderlines of an embrace



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  1. You’ve given *me* pause to think Duane. I see the internet as a curse and a blessing, where light in darkness and darkness in light are rarely noticed, and where the truth is what people hope it to be. Your pieces are insightful and beautifully expressed, and I agree with so much whether we share beliefs or not. 😃

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  2. Thank you Steve. I always appreciate your encouraging feedback. It’s good food for the soul, and I always can sense your goodness and sincerity in your comments. I do appreciate you taking the time to read, to pause and reflect, and to encourage. Have a great weekend!


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