Petting Pixie

Petting Pixie

When one can write about everything

It can be hard to write about anything

I could write about penguins and naps

I could talk about brie cheese or traps

There could be all sorts of adventuresome meanderings

Or I could simply sit here and pet the dachshund

Otherwise she would go on one of her infamous barking rampages

Looking up and around at only God-knows-what

I assume she sees the world that lies beyond

For otherwise there is nothing there I can see

I do know that living in this simplicity

Enjoying the moment with her head against my calf

Rubbing her ears as I pet her gently

Makes me wonder why we make such a bother

About things that 20 minutes from now won’t matter

So instead of trying to solve the world’s greatest mysteries

With what I have of my brain and what I have of my pen

Instead of bypassing the joy of this brief moment of Zen

I will pet the dog, look out the window at the mountains

Being thankful I am fully alive


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  1. A quietly enjoyable piece 🙂 — “what I have of my brain and what I have of my pen.” I do hope you keep using them on WordPress though. 😉


      1. My pleasure. 🙂


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