Im glad to hear children playing outside

Their laughter permeating all walls and barriers

Breaking through the barricades

Tearing down the bleak tirades

Of shortening days and greater distances

Greater distances that must be spanned

With great tenacity, greater veracity

All contained within the sounds of children laughing


I place my head on pillows soft

Gazing through windows, mineral-flaked, aloft

The power lines cutting through the gray skies

Golden, red, and fading-green leaves

Holding on for dear life

Even though death has clearly already come

But has it really?

Doesn’t the tree still stand?

It’s roots gone deeply into the life-giving land

Though the visibilities show death even still

Death cannot overcome life’s greater love-will


All this I see outside the window sill

The window not covered with stained interventions

Just deposits from the lives spent and gone

I lie here in the comfort of this throne

To overcome and to span the greater distances.

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  1. For me your thoughts about the laughter of children, how it affects us and what it means for your/our journey(s), ring very true–“All contained within the sounds of children laughing.” I’ve never heard it expressed that way. Overall it’s an impressive piece. 🙂

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  2. Thank you, Steve. In this week where the news seems to blare nothing but hate, I always like to remember that hearing kids laugh is a sound that lets us all know what true life is really about :). Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment!

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